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Storytelling: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Online Success in 2020

  • By: Mike Lewin
  • On 10/7/19 7:10 PM
  • 19 min read

Realtors have always found it challenging to thrive in an industry where competition, opportunities and an unstable market shape the outcomes of their professional lives. Nowhere is this more apparent than in that pivotal moment of truth that your entire career is riding on, where we all need to flex our muscles and show that we are the right fitthe listing presentation!


What is a listing presentation really?  Effectively every listing presentation is a job interview. Just like in any crowded job market, where there are more candidates than positions to fill, standing out and making your mark is about more than just getting noticed.


The Art Of Getting Chosen


How can you get the sellers attention and stand out? Partly with your personality, your personal style, how much trust you convey, and whether you are able to make that all important personal connection with your prospects. Yet more than anything else, its about demonstrating real value in tangible ways that set you apart from the other three agents who pitched that house. Getting chosen guarantees you the opportunity to earn more than just a couple commission points.


As a real estate agent you dont make money selling homes. Selling homes is how you get paid. You make money being chosen to sell homes. Heres the challenge though: Its almost 2020. That means whatever information your pitch includes, from fair market assessment and details about your professionalism to highlights of the home selling process, every other agent is presenting exactly the same thing. In other words, your customers have seen it all before. When it comes to your listing presentation you simply cannot afford to forego using a tool that not only sets you apart, but gives a concrete and vivid impression to the seller of why you are actually the best person for the job.


Dont Be Ignored Online


But what about the way listings are currently being presented online? When we look out at the landscape, we see all realtors doing exactly the same thing. Endless “virtual tours” and picture shows line the alleyways of the MLS systems. At every turn homebuyers see the same tired online presentations. If you consider the average homebuyer spends many weeks surfing online before they even decide to make an offer through an agent, you can begin to appreciate why getting anyone to pay any attention at all is such a great challenge.


Put yourself in their shoes. Just imagine being online watching ad after ad about this property and that agent. Who has the patience do waste countless hours on websites and viewing the same boring listings shown exactly the same way? Those tiny pictures, detailed listing information that focuses on the technical features of the homes, endless clicking, and a spate of agents is nothing other than boring.



Ignite Dreams And Possibilities


Now imagine showing buyers a world where they can explore and dream, where their next home is just a screen swipe away from becoming a reality.  Imagine if instead of focusing on just videos, pictures or virtual tours, you told them a story about the lifestyle around the listing, showcasing the neighbourhood, the home, and what their day to day lives would be as a result of living there. Consider what that would do for your prospects at your next listing presentation.  Picture how you would stand out and seem more sophisticated than all the other agents who pitched.



You need a secret weapon. You need to sell more than just your services and the features and benefits of the homes you are listing. Its time to show more than just boring pictures. You need to sell the story. STUDEO is the worlds first and only online platform dedicated to providing realtors with access to digital storytelling.  Its not only the best way to sell the lifestyle associated with a particular listing, but its also the best way to demonstrate your value over your competitors.  Experience STUDEO storytelling and learn how easy it is to get started.


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